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Prolotherapy Available to Gilbert Residents

Proliferative therapy, which is also known as prolotherapy in Gilbert, AZ, is a series of techniques and therapies that are effective in healing damaged tendons and ligaments in the body.

Prolotherapy treatments are based on a method that stimulates the natural healing responses of the body.

Nowadays in the field of prolotherapy treatment, Gilbert specialists use a range of substances that are injected into the affected area, which causes inflammation in that area.

Ligaments and tendons are known to react quite positively to prolotherapy treatment, as there is limited blood supply to these areas, causing a delay in healing.

The tendons and ligaments are quite vital in providing stability to the body. By providing prolotherapy, Gilbert, AZ healthcare specialists agree that better stability is provided to the human body.

Prolotherapy Treatment for Gilbert Knee and Shoulder Injuries

Prolotherapy treatment is a popular method used by many healthcare specialists in Gilbert to provide healing for the body with the use of naturopathic therapy.

The effectiveness of prolotherapy treatment is based on:

  • The inner vitality of the human body
  • The human body’s ability to heal on its own
  • A completely holistic approach to the system of healing

In today’s world where chemical medicines are being used with a lot of harmful side effects, let Active Lifestyle Clinic teach you how to live a healthy life with only the use of natural substances.

Naturopathic Therapy in Gilbert * Prolotherapy Injections

Naturopathic therapy is a treatment that utilizes a holistic approach to the process of healing your body.

All kinds of physical illnesses are cured by using naturopathic therapy instead of chemical intervention. The results are all the more effective for the people using them.

Naturopathic therapy is based more on scientific fact than grandmother’s tales as many people tend to believe. The effect that certain foods have on the body and health of an individual has to be studied properly and acted upon.

Active Lifestyle Clinic is one such practitioner of naturopathic therapy, and has specialized in this field in the Gilbert area for a long time.

To learn how naturopathic therapy such as prolotherapy treatment can help your body, Gilbert residents should give us a call at 480-704-1050.