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Natural Pain Relief & Pain Management

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Natural Pain Relief in Phoenix, AZ

Return to Your Optimal Health

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Whether you are suffering from acute pain that just began, or chronic pain that has plagued you for years, we can help you feel your best... that’s what our patients tell us on a daily basis.

Our husband-wife health team offers a unique approach to natural pain relief and pain management that you will not find elsewhere. If you are suffering with a new pain condition or a long term ailment, you have come to the right place for healing.

Our patients typically start by seeing Dr. Jen Winton who will perform a full analysis of your condition. She will assess the health of your muscles, joints, nerves, ligaments and tendons by performing orthopedic tests, checking your range of motion, palpating your soft tissues and diagnosing your true problem.

Once we have determined what is going on, we will recommend a treatment of natural pain management. This may consist of one or more of the following treatments:

I absolutely love this team of doctors and staff! I've seen Dr. Jen regularly for adjustments and Dr. Todd to manage pain areas and other things naturally. I believe in keeping the body moving and these people help me do it! Thank you Active Lifestyle Clinic. You’re the best!"
- Grace C.

1 Are you looking for natural pain relief?

Most of our patients find our clinic looking for pain relief. People tend to think of chiropractors as doctors who help with neck or back pain but actually, most chiropractors help with pain in any joint, including; shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, knees and feet, even TMJ!

The reason: When there is abnormal alignment in a joint, the surrounding soft tissues become inflamed and spasmodic. Over time, if pain neglected, the joints can deteriorate, causing permanent nerve and tissue damage as well as degenerative arthritis. This commonly leads to a lower quality of life and often anger or depression.

Natural Pain Relief - Pain Management
Natural Pain Relief - Chiropractic Care

2 Determining the Cause of Pain

First, Dr. Jen will determine if you have a joint restriction or abnormality and recommend treatment depending on what she finds. There are typically 3 main causes of your pain:

Joint Restriction

If the joint is stuck, chiropractic adjustments are the absolute best course of treatment! A chiropractic adjustment is likely to result in immediate natural pain relief.

Joint Laxity

If the joint is too loose due to falls or trauma, Dr Jen will refer you for prolotherapy with Dr. Todd. Prolotherapy can be thought of as “spot welding,” using natural ingredients in the injection. This procedure is most successful for popping, clicking joints or joints that tend to sprain repetitively.

Muscle Spasms & Knots

When Dr. Jen assesses your spine, she may find that your muscles are too tight and interfere with a successful adjustment. In this case, she will refer you to our physical therapist, Christine to co-treat your symptoms. Patients that see both Dr Jen and Christine seem to have the best benefit as they are getting both muscles and joints healed simultaneously.

3 Natural Pain Relief Treatment

Finally, after your initial examination and possible X-rays, Dr Jen will lay out a treatment plan that will help restore your proper movement and alignment. She will also review your sleeping positions, pillow(s), ergonomics, posture and nutrition if needed.

By the end of a short treatment plan, our goal is for you to feel better than you have in years or to return you to your optimal health. Together, you and Dr. Jen will discuss if a wellness plan is the best next step for you.

Pain Management - Recovery

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