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Patient Testimonials

We love our patients! Here’s what they have to say about us…
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Patient Testimonials

We love our patients!

Here’s what they have to say about us…

We’d greatly appreciate your review on one of the following sites:

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Read Our Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Todd has been our doctor of choice for a full year, since we moved to the East Valley. We had not seen a physician in years due to changes in our finances, and found Dr. Todd through his wife, Chiropractor Dr. Jen Winton, who is co-owner of Active Life Center.

"We love Dr. Todd's approach of health care over sick care"

We love Dr. Todd’s approach of health care over sick care and appreciate how he has held free classes to educate us how to live a better life through diet and lifestyle—risking the result of his receiving less income as we don’t need a doctor when we are healthy! He is more concerned about our health than his wallet, which is the kind of person you WANT to be caring for your body!

Dr. Todd’s cheerful, friendly & positive approach to helping us shed excess weight and change our eating habits (without placing guilt on us for getting fat) for abundance in living and energy in facing daily challenges is appreciated by both my husband and myself. His expertise and wisdom are admired and appreciated in our household. I highly recommend him and his approach to living a healthy lifestyle while avoiding chemical interventions whenever possible.”

Nancy L.

“I have 4 children aged 8, 6, 4 and 2. I met Dr. Jen 5 years ago when my daughter was 18 months. She had high fever, sinus and ear infections for months. I felt terrible to feed her antibiotics everyday for at least 5 months until I met Dr. Jen. She said she might be able to help without medications. With just 4 adjustments and the vitamin she suggested, my daughter’s sinus infection was gone, so did her ear infection.

"My kids LOVE Dr. Jen"

Since then, if my children have early cold, early cough, ear infection. I take them to Dr. Jen immediately. My kids LOVE Dr. Jen, they said” I LOVE Dr. Jen’s popcorn (adjustments), she makes me feel better when I am sick.” 

Dr. Jen’s adjustments is especially effective when the children are little. My third child, she had RSV when she was 2 weeks old. Nothing helped but Dr. Jen’s magic touch. She helped her recover faster and less miserable. She also had constipation problem when she was about one month old. ONLY ONE adjustment, she was going before I walked out the office door. I was amazed ! She is 4 now and have never taken antibiotics.”

Candy L.

Naturopath Testimonials

I have been seeing Dr. Todd for the past two years with so much success! I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder several years ago and Dr. Todd created a wonderful treatment plan that has kept my Grave’s Disease in check!”

– Alyssa M.

Chiropractor Testimonials

“I was so glad Jen was there to help me and give me direction and exercise. I found a great surgeon and he took care of the in my shoulder. But with out Jen’s knowledge and genuine concern I may not have moved forward as quickly in my healing process.”

– Jo W.