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Dry Needling

Release muscular trigger points and spasms

Dry Needling Therapy in Phoenix, Arizona

Dry Needling

Release muscular trigger points and spasms

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1 What is dry needling?

Our Physical Therapist may choose to use Dry Needling on your tight and spasmotic muscles, tendons, ligaments or near nerves to stimulate enhanced healing in your body. 

Dry Needling is NOT acupuncture or Oriental Medicine and does not have the purpose of altering the flow of energy or Qi. 

Dry needling is a modern, science based treatment that involves very small micro-fine needles to treat pain and dysfunction for conditions such as neck or back pain, migraines and headaches. It’s also used to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, knee or hip pain & arthritis, shoulder impingement or elbow & forearm pain, TMJ dysfunction, scar tissue build-up, and plantar fasciitis.

2 How does dry needling work?

Micro-fine needles (much tinier than an average stickpin) are inserted into your trigger points or painful areas to activate the nervous system. This causes the body to release serotonin and oxytocin which are the body’s natural pain reducers.

In addition, gentle electrical stimulation can be added to the needles in order to stimulate immune cells, regenerate nerve tissue after injury, lay down new collagen, and cause the body to release oxytocin to decrease pain signals. It also increases stem cell production and decreases inflammation in muscles, tendons and joints. 

Dry Needling is 10x more effective and less treatment time is required when combined with electrical stimulation. Positive side effects of dry needling can include improved sleep and circulation, decreased anxiety and depression, and a lessening of chronic pain symptoms.

Dry Needling Therapy in Phoenix, Arizona
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3 What can I expect during treatment?

You will always be treated lying down and comfortably draped. Please wear appropriate clothing so our PT can reach your skin in the target area or a gown can be provided. 

In most areas, you probably will not feel the needle go in because they are so small or you may feel a slight pinch or poke. While the needles are in, you may experience a dull ache if your treatment is in a sore muscle or joint, or tingling/pins and needles sensation if near an overactive nerve. This is normal and will be adjusted by your therapist to your comfort. 

While the needle is inserted, various techniques can be used to increase the effective treatment area and improve results and comfort. If appropriate, your therapist may utilize gentle, low-frequency electrical pulses to deepen your treatment. Treatment typically lasts about 15-20 minutes.

4 How will I feel after treatment and how long will it take to improve?

Immediately after treatment you may have slight soreness or bruising at the treatment site. This is normal and will dissipate over the next day or two. You may also feel very relaxed and/ or sleepy after treatment. This is normal and you may rest in the clinic until you’re able to safely drive. 

The number of treatments you will need depends on the severity of symptoms and your specific condition. Most protocols begin with 1-2 visits per week for 3-4 weeks, however, many clients will notice improvement within 2-3 treatments.

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