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Prolotherapy Treatment in Phoenix, Arizona

Regenerative joint injection therapy

Prolotherapy Treatment

Regenerative joint injection therapy

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1 What is Prolotherapy treatment?

Prolotherapy treatment is a natural non-surgical method of assisting the body to heal injured or weakened joints, ligaments, and tendons. With Prolotherapy, the weakened areas are injected with a natural solution that stimulates the growth of healthy, strong tissues. As a result, the tendons and ligaments grow stronger and vibrant, the pain is alleviated, and motion is restored. Whether a joint, ligament or tendon is causing you pain or instability, Prolotherapy injection treatment might be the right choice for you. 

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2 What symptoms can Prolotherapy treat?

Prolotherapy treatment is a regenerative joint injection therapy that can help with arthritis, knee injuries, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, hip dysfunction, TMJ, bulging discs, lumbar or cervical spine instability, bursitis, ACL Tears, rotator cuff injuries and other joint conditions.

3 How many treatments does it take?

Most patients require about 3 to 6 prolotherapy treatments to restore function and relieve pain. These joint injections are usually given at two to four-week intervals to promote natural healing in the body.

Prolotherapy Treatment - Natural Pain Management
Safety of Prolotherapy Treatment

4 Is Prolotherapy treatment safe?

As with any procedure, there are risks and side effects which will vary depending on the area being treated. The doctor will discuss these possibilities fully with patients during the pre-treatment consultation. On the other hand, Prolotherapy is an extremely safe procedure. The risks are far less than surgical procedures or chronic use of aspirin or Motrin to alleviate pain temporarily.

5 Will I need to continue care after treatment?

Once treated, the problem should be fixed. Natural joint repair and healing will continue to take place for at least one year following prolotherapy treatment. Of course, if there is another injury or insult to the area that had been treated, an additional treatment may be needed.

6 Prolozone Therapy

Prolozone is a Prolotherapy injection which will include Ozone (O3). O3 is a super oxygen molecule which has many health promoting properties including the stimulation of stem cells, which promote tissue healing. If ozone is used in prolotherapy it’s known as prolozone. Ozone enhances healing, increase mitochondrial function, decreases chances of infection, sterilizes the area, and increases oxygen uptake of the cells.

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7 Neural Prolotherapy

Sometimes added to prolotherapy treatment. Where Prolotherapy works in the deeper tissue, neural prolotherapy works with the superficial nerves that may be the cause of pain.
Joint Pain Recovery with Prolotherapy Treatment

Prolotherapy Testimonial

"I had a torn tendons in my shoulder, which I thought had to have surgery to correct it as I did for my other shoulder. Well, that did not have to happen as Dr.Todd used Prolotherapy on those torn ligaments and tendons. I can now put my seatbelt on with out a struggle. It is normal again. My knee is bending normally and I am so Happy with the results! I feel so much better. The pain is gone and it is all natural therapy."
- Jo W.

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