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Physical Therapy

Your Ahwatukee Physical Therapist

Heal and strengthen damaged muscles for long lasting results!

Christine Anderson - Physical Therapy

Meet Your Physical Therapist:
Christine Anderson

After spending 16+ years in traditional orthopedic outpatient settings, frustrated by the lack of quality time spent with her patients due to the restrictions of insurance, our physical therapist and chiropractor put their heads together and had a brilliant idea.

Traditional therapy is often limited by diagnosis and doesn’t always facilitate treatment of the entire patient. Our practitioners wanted to create an environment that focused on the individual person and was specific to each individual body’s needs.

Using a functional head-to-toe assessment process, we can design an integrative program that emphasizes function, pain relief, and mobility, helping to restore you to the pain-free performance of your everyday tasks. 

Our physical therapy treatments are crafted specifically for YOU and your body! No matter who you are and what your activity level is, everyone can benefit from the ability to move better and with less pain. 

To speak with our staff about your symptoms and schedule an appointment, call our office today at (480) 704-1050.

Myofascial Release
Relax muscle tension and unwind your knots

Myofascial Release is an important component of movement restoration. Fascia wraps like a blanket around every major muscle and organ in our bodies.

To restore your full movement and mobility, it’s vital to address the health of the fascia, including the bone alignment, muscle strength, and system of nerves and blood vessels.

Using a combination of metal instruments and cupping to eliminate pain and restore motion which may have been lost due to trauma, inflammation, or surgical procedures.

Relieve your pain with physical therapy!

Physical Therapy Services

Radial Pulse Wave (RPW)

Sound waves to relieve muscle spasms

Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Massage (IATSM)

Gentle use of metal tool to glide through fascia and muscle


Silicone cups used to realign soft tissue

Dry Needling

Micro-needles that stimulate healing

Functional Movement

It is the mission of ALC to help everyone – from the office worker to the elite athlete – move better.

By treating the body as a whole system that is integrated, not just individual parts, we’ll help improve your balance, core strength, stability, and flexibility.

Customized exercises will help you to improve your range of motion in joints and surrounding muscles, ligaments & tendons.

Our expert Movement Specialist brings years of physical therapy experience to offer you:

  • Functional Movement Programs
  • Myofascial Release
  • Cupping
  • Instrument-Assisted Soft
  • Tissue Massage
  • Kinesiology Taping

*Affordable rates and discount physical therapy packages available.

Physical Therapy Room - Active Lifestyle Clinic

Your First Physical Therapy Appointment

What To Expect:

Our therapist will perform a full-body assessment to identify any areas of the body that aren’t moving like they need to and/or areas that might be causing pain because they are working/moving too much.

Treatment will be designed based on these findings and will begin on your first visit! We may utilize a variety of manual techniques depending on the therapist’s findings. Myofascial release, mobile cupping, Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization and manual stretching and joint mobilizations are just a few examples.

All treatments are gentle and pressure will be adjusted to the individual. Most people feel relief and decreased pain after their very first treatment. Many people also experience increased blood flow to muscles and fascia, tingling (restored tissue flow) relief of tension, and relaxation of muscles.

Some patients may experience a soreness similar to post-workout soreness up to 1 day post-treatment, however drinking plenty of water both before and after treatment is encouraged, as this will help your body process the detoxifying effects of the treatment and help alleviate possible soreness.

Wearing comfortable, loose clothing is recommended and if we will be working on your lower body you may want to bring shorts with you to change into.

Physical Therapy Room - Active Lifestyle Clinic

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