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Detox program - What are toxins?

1 What are toxins?

Toxins are everywhere and you encounter them everyday. From the food you eat and the water you drink to the air you breathe. Toxins are in our environment, from pollution, chemicals, and smoke to heavy metals, pesticides, and so much more. Your body also produces its own toxins simply by performing necessary functions.

2 How does detoxing work?

Your body has the potential to act as a detoxifying powerhouse simply by using your own metabolism. With proper diet, hydration, and exercise our detox program will guide you through the process of unlocking fat-soluble toxins and making them water-soluble so they can be more easily eliminated from your body.

3 Plan with your healthcare provider

It’s important that you speak with your healthcare provider before embarking on your own detox journey. Dr. Jen will conduct a “Toxicity Questionnaire” to determine whether or not you would benefit from our detox program. She will also check to make sure you have the proper levels of nutrition required to aid you in your detoxification process. Dr. Jen will also help you to identify and eliminate triggers that could be detrimental to your journey.

Dietary Detox Program - Healthy Eating

4 Adopting your new detox routine

Dr. Jen will help you determine whether our 10-day or our 28-day detox program is best for you. Your new daily routine will consist of a few simple measures, including a delicious, organic detox shake, healthy foods, hydration and exercise.

An alkaline diet rich in proteins is a key aspect of our program, which will provide your body with the amino acids it needs to break down toxins. Dr. Jen will help you to determine how much protein you’ll need to consume each day to get the most out of your detoxification process.

5 Staying motivated during your detox

Getting started on your detox journey is exciting, but it also requires work. You need to be dedicated and committed if you want to get results. Our detoxification program helps you to stay motivated with delicious recipes, sample meal prep ideas, and a daily log book to keep track of your accomplishments.

6 Staying healthy after your detox program

After you’ve completed your detox program, come back in to visit Dr. Jen to discuss a post-treatment plan that works best for you, and whether or not you’d benefit from repeating the detox once or twice per year. For long-term results, it’s imperative that you remove toxins from your environment and your diet. Speak with Dr. Jen for more ideas to help you maintain your health year-round.

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