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Whole Food Supplements & Organic Vitamins

Your Source for Whole Food Supplements & Organic Vitamins in Phoenix, Arizona

Vitamins & Dietary Supplements

Organic Vitamins & Supplements

Your Source for Organic Whole Food Vitamins & Supplements in Phoenix, AZ

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We recommend whole food, organic supplements from Standard Process, a Wisconsin-based family-owned company that was established in 1929.

Supplements & Organic Vitamins

1 How are whole food supplements different from synthetic supplements?

Synthetic vitamins are created in a laboratory with many man-made ingredients. Most of these ingredients do not absorb well into the human body which is why they can come out in the urine in bright yellow. Most of our sewer systems are full of vitamins!! This can be a big waste of time and money.

Whole food vitamins are very different. They utilize foods that you might find in the grocery store like peas, brussel sprouts, radishes, beets and kale. Then, these are ground down into a fine powder and put into capsules or pills using careful methods to safeguard the nutritional make-up of each vitamin. The whole food ingredients are then added to make a complex formula that might include whole food extracts, animal tissues and concentrates, botanicals, whole food isolates and a small amount of synthetic ingredients if absolutely necessary.

2 Which vitamins does my body need?

Dr. Jen Winton will tailor your supplements to your body’s specific needs, deficiencies and toxicities. She may give you a family health questionnaire and/or toxicity questionnaire. If you are interested in finding out what nutrients your body may be in need of, please call our clinic to schedule a nutrition appointment.

Organic Vitamins
Whole Food Minerals, & Nutrients

3 Which basic vitamins does everyone need?

Dr Jen recommends everyone take these supplements for general nutrition. Others may be necessary based on your individual needs. 

  • Catalyn: Multivitamin
  • Trace-Minerals / B12: Broad spectrum multi-mineral supplement
  • Tuna Oil: Balanced levels of fish oils for optimal omega 3 fatty acids

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