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Prolotherapy Available to Ahwatukee Residents

The latest naturopathic therapy treatment option that is getting popular in the health care department is prolotherapy. Ahwatukee healthcare specialists have discovered the benefits of using such a technique for the treatment of pain that occurs in and around ligaments and joints. Ahwatukee prolotherapy specialists say it is the use of injections that stimulate the effective area so that the body is coaxed into performing natural repairs. This process leads to inflammation. However, at the end of the prolotherapy treatment there is an increased stability and decrease of pain. A number of practitioners in the Ahwatukee area perform prolotherapy treatments. Ahwatukee residents can find such treatment options at the Active Lifestyle Clinic as we are experienced in performing prolotherapy treatments.

Prolotherapy Treatment for Ahwatukee Knee and Shoulder Injuries

Getting prolotherapy treatment is very important for people in Ahwatukee who have a large number of days where they come home with a lot of pain or stiffness in their back or neck. This can happen for one of many reasons:
  • Bad sitting postures
  • Placing a phone between head and shoulders
  • Continuous overhead tasks for long periods of time
  • Raising of hands for a long time
Although it may not be serious enough for surgery, minor injuries may require prolotherapy treatment. Ahwatukee residents have been known to get a lot of relief by utilizing these prolotherapy treatment options.

Naturopathic Therapy in Ahwatukee * Prolotherapy Injections

Naturopathic therapy has been with us for a long period of time. The use of natural material as medicine has been followed since the dawn of ancient ages. Now people are turning back to the use of naturopathic therapy as it offers safer options than allopathic medicines. There are various types of naturopathic therapy options available, including:
  • Acupressure
  • Acupuncture
  • Aromatherapy
  • Hydrotherapy
Each of these forms of naturopathic therapy has its own distinct benefits. At Active Lifestyle Clinic, you can choose the naturopathic therapy for you from many various options so that you can move towards a healthier lifestyle. Call us at 480-704-1050 so that we can work out an appointment for naturopathic therapy you.