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Bioidentical Hormones • A Natural Alternative for Phoenix Residents

Our body’s ability to produce hormones gets reduced over the time and this is the reason we start experiencing the symptoms of aging, as soon as we cross twenty five years.

This amount deteriorates further due to lifestyle habits, stress levels, lack of physical activity, poor nutrition, as well as environmental toxins which your body gets exposed to every day.

However, now it is possible to correct the hormone imbalance and loss with revolutionary bioidentical hormones (natural hormones).

Replacing bioidentical hormones (natural hormones) is an effective treatment process offered by Active Lifestyle Clinic for Phoenix, AZ residents. The benefits offered by bioidentical hormone therapy are quite significant as the patient not only starts looking younger than his or her age, but also feels more energized and refreshed.

Bioidentical hormones (natural hormones) are known to cause no side effects on our body and have numerous favorable qualities.

  • These are natural, derived from plants and not prepared in a lab
  • These are produced in different forms and doses
  • These are custom made for every individual


Bioidentical Hormone Therapy for Men and Women in Phoenix

Hormonal imbalance, which occurs as a person starts to age, can be treated in both women and men with the help of bioidentical hormone therapy. Hormonal loss in men is more gradual then women and some common symptoms include muscle loss, trouble in sleeping, memory loss etc.

Lowered energy levels and increasing fatigue can make even the daily tasks feel very difficult.

As the lifestyle lead by men is more active, thus they are looking for an effective way to deal with the hormone imbalance issue. And we ensure to provide them specialized care and individualized treatments in the form of bioidentical hormone therapy.

Recognized for its miraculous results,bioidentical hormone therapy has emerged as an ultimate solution.

Natural Hormones • Hormone Replacement for Phoenix Patients

The bioidentical hormones (natural hormones) are similar to the hormones produced by our body in terms of their chemical structure and these can be used to replenish the hormonal deficiency in your body.

Active Lifestyle Clinic has been serving its clients in Phoenix for a considerable period of time and has been responsible for transforming the lives of many.

Along with incorporating advanced techniques in our bioidentical hormone therapy, we also ensure to carry out researches and offer training programs to help our doctors enhance and improve their knowledge and skills.

To get rid of hormonal imbalance in a safe and effective way contact us at (480) 704-1050 and we will be pleased to assist you the best we can.