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Cupping Therapy

Mobile Cupping for Myofascial Pain Relief 

Cupping Therapy

Mobile Cupping for Myofascial Pain Relief 

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Cupping Therapy - Physical Therapy

1 What is mobile cupping?

Often, the layers of fascia can stick together and restrict your movement. Our physical therapist applies soft, silicon cups to the restricted tissues. Mobile cupping involves gently gliding the cups across your skin and fascia, rather than leaving them in place for long periods. The cups help relieve pain/stiffness, improve circulation and increase blood flow to the tense areas.

2 How does myofascial cupping therapy work?

Cupping relieves the pressure on tender areas by realigning your underlying fascia and muscles. This benefits you by helping you move better without increasing pain or damaging your tissue.
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3 Are there any side effects to cupping therapy?

Pink skin in the area after treatment or small red dots called “petechiae” can occur and are a normal response to increased blood flow near your skin’s surface. Most patients experience this redness for a temporary amount of time and the benefits of the treatment continue to last way beyond this minor discoloration.

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