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condition-wellnessVisiting the doctor when you feel fine is a new concept for most folks. Traditionally, we have gone to the doctor when we are sick but did you know that it is cheaper and easier to maintain good health than to get sick which involves tests, labs, imaging studies, medicines, many doctor visits and stress! And, that doesn’t even cover the financial burden for you and your family!

Most people come to our office in pain or are suffering from stiffness, numbness, tingling or weakness. After going through a care plan to help them feel better, there is a way to continue feeling great and that is “wellness.”

Wellness care is easy. It doesn’t require much time because visits are brief and infrequent. Most patients come in once or twice a month for wellness. We have some that feel so much better with once a week but Dr Jen will work with what your body needs, no more and no less.

Wellness care is affordable! We have wellness programs that offer time of service discounts that are usually better than most insurance co-pays. And with insurance co-pays and deductibles rising each year, it is cheaper and smarter to take care of your body with wellness care.

Stay ahead of your game and call our office for details on our Wellness Program.