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Stress Relief & Stress Management in Phoenix, AZ

condition-stressOur world is becoming more complicated and the demands on our time and attention are huge. Our jobs are also more complex with the business world becoming more competitive.

The industrial age made our lives easier with machines and increased productivity, but it also brought us the jackhammer, the loudspeaker, the motorcycle and car, and all the other noisy machines our there causing physical stress.

Because of electronic media and the Internet, we are more aware of troubles and tragedies around the world that previous generations would never have heard about, creating anxiety and depression. Add all this together and these assaults on our body create a physical and emotional reaction called STRESS.

Chiropractors work primarily with the spine and nerves that travel throughout the body. One effect of long term stress is prolonged muscle tension and spasm. This muscle tension creates misalignments on the bony structures of the body which chiropractors call Subluxations.

When Dr. Jen adjusts her patients, it releases muscle tension and that helps the body return to a more balanced, relaxed state. Adjustments also reduce spinal nerve pinching and improve blood circulation. Most of the time, this leads the brain to turn off the fight or flight response and beginning the process of relaxing/healing. A healthy and balanced spine is one key to effectively managing stress.

Dr. Jen is also trained in nutritional and other therapies for stress. Several nutritional supplements, including B vitamins, help the body cope with stress. Dr. Jen may also recommend relaxation techniques and discuss posture and ergonomic changes to help you recover from chronic stress.

Dr. Jen cannot make your job less stressful, or create a quieter, calmer world. What her chiropractic treatments can do is help you develop healthy responses to stress, reducing the damage it causes your body.

Give us a call and see how Dr. Jen and chiropractic can help you reduce and properly manage your stress.