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“Dr Winton is very thorough, doesn’t rush you out of the office and has a lot of treatment options to offer for your specific issues so you can choose what to do next. He is addressing concerns I’ve had for years that my other doctor either ignored or would tell me to lose weight to fix any issue I had. I feel like Dr Winton listens to my concerns and gives me concrete options to choose from.”

– A. Jones

“My name is Chris and I was taking a martial arts class in the fall of 1996 when I first met Dr. Winton. At the time I was in the prime of my life, little did I know what the next few years would bring. After a martial arts class Dr. Winton observed a mole on my left inner thigh. He took a closer examination  and convinced me to go see a colleague of his after observing what, in his opinion, was possible skin cancer. I took his advice and two weeks later found that I had stage 4 malignant melanoma. Dr. Winton then began treating me in conjunction with standard western therapy. After surgery, a year of chemotherapy, and naturopathic medicine I was cancer free. If it where not for Dr. Winton, I would not be writing this today. Thank you Dr. Winton”

– Chris

“I am 48 years old, was diagosed with hypothryoidism 3 years ago and had a hysterectomy about 6 years ago.  The last few years, it didn’t seem to matter how many calories I counted or how much time I spent exercising, I couldn’t lose the 10 lbs that seemed to be hanging on for dear life.  Dr. Jeffrey T. Winton suggested that I try the hCG diet.  I had heard about it but didn’t really know anyone who endorsed it or who had tried it.  Dr. Winton gave me many handouts detailing the diet plan, how it works, the time frame, food lists, and even many recipes.  We decided I would do the 26 day plan.  It was amazing! I lost 13 lbs and several inches in my waist, stomach and hips.  I was never hungry and had no desire to snack while I was on the 500 calorie part of the diet.  Dr. Winton kept in very close contact with me, checking on me throughout the 26 days.”

– Shelli

“I lost 24 pounds in 40 days on the hCG diet plan that Dr. Jeffrey Winton recommended to me.    The hCG diet is the most effective plan I have been on.  I have been on many other well known diets but none have worked as well as the hCG plan.  It gave me the start that I needed.  I have continued to lose weight and I no longer have to use high blood pressure medication.  Losing weight has helped me sleep better at night.  If it hadn’t been for Dr. Winton, I wouldn’t have even tried the hCG diet.  With his support, I was able to have the success I have been looking for.”

– Betty

“Dr. Todd has been our doctor of choice for a full year, since we moved to the East Valley. We had not seen a physician in years due to changes in our finances, and found Dr. Todd through his wife, Chiropractor Dr. Jen Winton, who is co-owner of Active Life Center.

We love Dr. Todd’s approach of health care over sick care and appreciate how he has held free classes to educate us how to live a better life through diet and lifestyle—risking the result of his receiving less income as we don’t need a doctor when we are healthy! He is more concerned about our health than his wallet, which is the kind of person you WANT to be caring for your body!

Dr. Todd’s cheerful, friendly & positive approach to helping us shed excess weight and change our eating habits (without placing guilt on us for getting fat) for abundance in living and energy in facing daily challenges is appreciated by both my husband and myself. His expertise and wisdom are admired and appreciated in our household. I highly recommend him and his approach to living a healthy lifestyle while avoiding chemical interventions whenever possible.”

– Nancy L.

“I heartily recommend Active Lifestyle Clinic to anyone. As soon as you enter their office you will find a warm, caring environment, beginning with the office staff ( who know just about everyone by name). I have been under both Dr. Todd and Dr. Jen’s care, and have experienced great results in both cases. Besides receiving wellness care from Dr. Todd, he treated me for a very painful and limiting rotator cuff injury. I experienced amazing improvement after just three prolozone (prolotherapy) treatments. I now consider him my primary care physician. I am also receiving chiropractic treatment by Dr. Jen for a number of issues with very positive results – she always gives you the feeling that she really cares about what is going on. I am very happy I discovered them!”

– Carol M.

“Jo Ann had a torn tendons in her shoulder, which she thought she have to have surgery to correct it as she did for her other shoulder well, that did not have to happen as Dr.Todd used PROLO therapy on those torn ligaments and tendons. Prolotherapy is AMAZING It promotes healing and takes away pain and soon your affected area begins to heal and it begins to move naturally. I can now put my seatbelt on with out a struggle. It is normal again. My knee is bending normally and I am so Happy with the results! I feel so much better. The pain is gone and it is all natural therapy.”

– Jo W.

“I have been seeing Dr. Todd for the past two years with so much success! I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder several years ago and Dr. Todd created a wonderful treatment plan that has kept my Grave’s Disease in check! He’s also wonderful working with hormone balancing. He’s thorough with his treatment planning and always available for questions (even after a visit). I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Todd for anything autoimmune or hormone related.”

– Alyssa M.

“I’m still a pretty new patient with Dr. Todd but I already feel more heard and cared for than I have by any other doctor in my lifetime. He is so amazing that even though I have health insurance that covers standard care, I pay cash to see him and receive phenomenal care. He works to fix the problem instead of throwing pills at you and wishing you luck. I haven’t seen Dr. Jen yet but I certainly plan to! Thank you Active Lifestyle!! Keep up the good work. :)”

– Jessica M.

“Dr. Todd is “awesome”, the office staff is wonderful. I was recommended to Active Lifestyle Clinic by a co-worker in Dec. 2013. On my initial consultation he listened to all my health care concerns and issues. After completing some initial blood work and consultation, I have started on my treatment plan. My quality of life has done an 180…. I feel 100% better. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Todd and his clinic to anyone.”

– Ed L.

“Active Lifestyle clinic is a very warm. caring & well run environment. You don’t feel like a number but a valuable patient. The front desk is friendly and attentive & never overwhelmed and uninviting. My only experience is with Todd and I always find him to be present and listening to my concerns. I would definetely trust any further care I may pursue to this great team of people.”

– Teri G.

“I have been seeing Dr. Todd for six weeks receiving Lipo injections. I feel awesome and have my weight under control. My energy level has sky rocketed during this weekly injection process. As busy as the office is I have always been called in on time with appointments. Super friendly and professional staff.”

– Jean R.

“My husband and I both see Dr. Todd and couldn’t be happier with his expert advice and care he is exactly what we were looking for when researching a natural approach to our health care. He has helped us both get our health issues going in the right direction. I personally feel ten years younger! Thank you Dr. Todd “

– Trish B.

“Dr. Todd is very knowledgeable, and spends a lot of time listening. I’ve never felt rushed. He’s been helping me with some issues for which other doctors haven’t been able to find solutions. Appointments are always punctual, I’ve never had to wait for more than a few minutes. The office staff is pleasant.”

– Cathy R.

“My wife and I love active lifestyle, we visit Dr. Todd and he has taken good care of us. Every time we go in it’s not an extensive wait time. And it’s a very comfortable atmosphere in the office. Dr. Todd has always been kind and very helpful. “

– David C.

“I have been very pleased with the service and also the performance working with Dr. Todd. He listens, understands my goals, and makes great recommendations based on what I am trying to accomplish. Well Done!!”

– Larry G.

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