Therapeutic Massage

massageAt Active Lifestyle Clinic, we recognize the importance of therapeutic massage to aid in healing and relaxation. Let’s face it, we live in a stressed out world with demands and time constraints draining us from every angle. Over time, our muscles take the brunt of the stress. Eventually tight, painful knots can form which affect our spinal health, our posture and our health.

Our massage therapist is experienced in both deep, therapeutic sports massage as well as relaxing Swedish massage. Typically our patients prefer 60 minute massages but some prefer 30 or 90 minute sessions. This therapy is perfect to have done before your adjustment to loosen up your muscles and prepare you for a smooth adjustment.

Some insurances will cover massage therapy for up to one hour but we also offer discounted monthly programs to keep your body in tip top shape. Give us a call to schedule your massage appointment and begin to unwind today.