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Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage in Phoenix, Arizona

At Active Lifestyle Clinic, we recommend massage therapy to our patients to aid in healing and enhance total relaxation.

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1 Why do I need massage therapy?

Let’s face it, we live in a stressed out world with demands and time constraints draining us from every angle. Over time, our muscles take the brunt of the stress. As a result, tight, painful knots can eventually form which affect our spinal health, our posture and our ability to manage daily stress.

Massage is more than a luxury. It’s an important tool to add to our regular health regimen. This therapy is perfect to have done before your Chiropractic adjustment to loosen up your muscles and prepare you for a smooth adjustment.


2 What kind of massage therapy do you offer?

Our massage therapists are experienced in both deep, therapeutic sports massage as well as relaxing Swedish massage. You may be offered cupping and/or CBD oil to add to your massage at no extra cost if your muscles warrant these treatments. We never try to up-sell you on extras, we just take care of your needs.

3 How long does a massage therapy session take? And how often should I return?

Typically our patients prefer 60 minute massages but some prefer 30 or 90 minute sessions. We recommend one to two massages a month for best results.

4 How much does massage therapy cost?

Some insurance companies will cover massage therapy for up to one hour and we are glad to check your benefits for you.

Our regular fee for massage is $65/hr but we offer a discounted program that reduces the price to $52/hr. For an even deeper savings, same day appointments or the first appointment with our therapist is only $49/hr.

Our prices are better than most massage chains and we offer experienced therapist that go above and beyond to make sure you leave feeling stress-free and ready to face the world!

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