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Chiropractic Care in Phoenix, AZ

Meet Dr. Jen Winton

Chiropractic Care in Phoenix, AZ

Meet Dr. Jen Winton

Chiropractic Care with Dr. Jen Winton

When you choose me to be your chiropractor, I make great efforts to find out as much as I can about you. It is only fair then, that you learn some things about me in return…

How I became interested in chiropractic…

We all experience stressful times and, for me, it was during my undergraduate studies. I was faced with many complicated choices and the confusing decision of a career path. Like many people, I thought I was handling this stress just fine but my body was absorbing it all with symptoms of jaw pain, my neck locked up and my shoulders “froze.” I sought relief from medical doctors and dentists. The only answer given to me was medicine or “just live with the pain.” So, I suffered like most people do with no better options.

As I continued to seek a career path, I met a local chiropractor who mentored me. Each time I observed him in his clinic, I noticed that patients were healing quickly, without drugs and surgery. I learned that when a nerve is being pinched it causes pain (or numbness, tingling, weakness) and with chiropractic adjustments, the nerve pressure is eliminated. The body has an amazing ability to then heal naturally. It’s that simple! Why hadn’t I heard about this before? From that moment on, I was sold on the field of chiropractic and knew I had found my calling.

Outstanding Education…

After obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at the University of Washington, I was accepted into the chiropractic program at Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, California. While there, I developed a strong interest Clinical Nutrition as well as the Gonstead Adjusting Technique. This has led me through countless post-graduate seminars towards the type of care that I offer today, which I would best describe as a ‘holistic’ approach.

My first goal is to alleviate your pain and symptoms. Then, I can focus on improving other aspect of your life with exercises, stretches, proper ergonomics, detoxification, foot orthotics and wholesome nutrition. Each care plan is tailored specifically to a patient’s individual needs and goals.

We have your back…

When going to a new doctor, it’s very common to have anxiety or apprehension at first. Typically, you are seeking a solution to a very personal concern from someone you have just met. This type of relationship obviously requires a lot of trust. The way that I prefer to earn your trust is to treat you in the same way that I would treat a member of my own family. I work hard to determine:

  1. The real cause of your problem
  2. If you are a chiropractic patient
  3. What damage has occurred to your body (muscles, discs, nerves, etc)

Based on a thorough evaluation of these factors, I can give you my best recommendations and excellence in care.

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