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Allergy Treatment & Testing

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Allergies in Arizona

1 What is Low Dose Antigen Therapy (LDA)?

Low Dose Antigen Therapy (LDA) is a way of treating allergies as well as intolerances to chemicals and foods. It uses small doses of common allergens (substances that make you react). Also included in this injection is a small dose of an enzyme called ß glucuronidase, which helps make the shot stronger.

2 Allergy Treatment with LDA

LDA is administered in the forearm by intradermal injection. Most patients receive a total of 11-15 treatments over three years. The allergy treatment effects of LDA can be almost immediate; however, the full benefit of LDA may be slow to appear. Generally, patients can notice some significant effect with the first or second injection. The response rate usually improves with subsequent injections.

low dose antigen therapy and allergy treatment
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3 How does LDA treat allergies?

The treatment activates the T-lymphocytes (immune system controlling white blood cells) which shut off the undesirable allergic response. The T-lymphocytes have a half-life of 12 to 16 weeks and form life-long memory cells that eventually give you the long term relief you need. 

Patients who have gone through the treatment report that they need fewer medications, get fewer infections and have more tolerance to foods, pollens and chemicals. Most patients can eat ALL foods without experiencing a reaction about 12 months after they start the treatment.

4 How often is LDA administered?

LDA is given about once every two months in the first year, then once every three months the second year, then once every six months in the third year, and thereafter an annual booster

5 What is the usual response?

Typically, children respond faster than adults. In some cases we see immediate response with the first injection, while in other cases the response may take 4 to 5 doses. When the response wears off, you must wait until the next dose to continue relief. There is sometimes a decreased response to the 4th or 5th dose, but then improvement increases again. The localized reaction at the location of the injection can vary from no reaction to a reaction that is red, itchy, and the size of a half dollar or even larger. The size of the reaction has no relationship to what type of response you will have.
Allergy Treatment in Phoenix, Arizona
Allergy Testing and Treatment

6 Is LDA safe and effective?

An Italian study conducted in 2006 which used ß glucuronidase in allergy therapy in children, concluded that it was safe and effective. One thing that helps insure the safety factor is the use of very low dosages. LDA and other forms of enzyme potentiated treatment have been used safely in the US and United Kingdom for over 30 years. LDA has an 80-90% success rate across the board with no deaths or serious complications in 40 years.

References: – Dr. Shrader is the creator of LDA in its current form. Dr. Shrader lists a multitude of scientific studies on his website.

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