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Orthopedic Pillows

Relieve neck and back pain, headaches, & more!

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Why is it important to have the right pillow?

Everybody has a unique size and shape so a great night’s sleep starts with finding the best fit for YOU. Not all pillows are created equal. Dr. Jen has used Pillowise pillows for over 5 years because there are 7 adult sizes and 3 child sizes to choose from. That means she can fit you for the perfect pillow and customize it based on your exact comfort. To maximize your rest, your muscles need to be relaxed and aligned. Your pillow should be the correct height, shape and contour for your neck to support your natural neck curvature.


How will Dr. Jen analyze the right size pillow for me?

Dr Jen will schedule a pillow fitting session where she have you lay on your back and sides on several different sizes of pillows. For side sleepers, she will be checking to see which pillow aligns the forehead, nose, chin and chest. For back sleepers, she will want to ensure that the natural neck curvature is supported, not too high or too low.
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How are Pillowise pillows different than pillows I buy in any store?

Dr Jen chooses pillowise pillows because they are made with high quality materials and memory foam, created with workmanship in the Netherlands. There is also a five-year warranty on these custom fit pillows. Dr Jen has found that other pillows do not last more than a year or two before breaking down. There is also a 30 day guarantee if you need to change sizes or return them.


What about when I travel?

No problem! Each size comes in a travel size. It rolls up in a compact case so you can hit the road or airplane and not suffer from neck issues after using hotel or guest pillows.


Are you ready for a great night's sleep?

Our entire staff at Active Lifestyle Clinic and hundreds of patients have a Pillowise pillow and are sleeping better than ever. These pillows are soft, comfortable and maintain their shape over many years to bring great value. In order to be fitted for your custom pillow, just ask our amazing receptionists to schedule a pillow fitting with Dr. Jen. Start sleeping soundly tonight. 

Speak with Dr. Jen to learn more