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Naturopathic Care in Phoenix, AZ

Meet Dr. Todd Winton

Naturopathic Care in Phoenix, AZ

Meet Dr. Todd Winton

Naturopathic Care with Dr. Todd Winton

Why did I choose Natural Medicine?

Since I was a young boy at 5 years old, I became interested in fitness and health by doing weight lifting with my older brother. He taught me to eliminate sugars and processed foods in my diet to become a more effective soccer player. Maximizing my physical body intrigued me!

In high school, I was introduced to a whole food diet program. After making these radical changes, I experienced just how amazing my body could feel when feeding it the right combination of nutrients.

Searching for more answers, I found the conventional medical system fell very short. So, I explored aboriginal diets and medicine to find out how traditional people have achieved optimal health. Over years of study, I was drawn towards the aboriginal ideology which gives the body the nutrients and herbs it needs to heal and eliminates any toxicities that impede health. This philosophy seemed much more sound than the traditional medical model of forcing the body to use harmful drugs or surgery. In order to accelerate my journey of learning, I enrolled in Naturopathic Medical School.

Medical Education...

While obtaining my Naturopathic Medical Degree at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona in 1999, I focused on gaining an expertise in nutritional and herbal case management, with over 700 hours of hands-on education in these specific therapies. Naturopathic medical doctors receive the same basic science education as traditional medical doctors but then go on to learn extensive knowledge of nutrition, herbs, and many natural remedies to help their patients achieve optimal health.

Focus on Healing from the Inside...

Today, I enjoy treating patients for many conditions, including; natural hormone balance, vitamin injections, allergies, Prolotherapy, UV light irradiation, nutrition/botanical medicine and lifestyle counseling to achieve their health goals. Our mission is to help you by using conservative medicine first to allow your body to heal the way it was intended to.

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