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1 Treat Your Pain, Stay for Wellness.

Most patients come in to our clinic because they're in pain but, when healed, most patients stay for wellness.

We believe in maintaining our bodies to keep them running in optimal condition. Like taking your car in for regular oil changes and check-ups, would we treat our bodies any less? After all, our bodies are our most important asset! When we lose our health or mobility, all else goes downhill.


2Maintaining Your Health

We spend a lot of time educating our patients about why and how their pain started. Once we get you sleeping right, sitting properly, managing your stress better, eating healthier, moving correctly, we don’t want you to stop and go back to bad habits.

When this happens, you will have to start all over with treatments, resulting in more time and money. We know for a fact that it is always cheaper and easier to maintain health than to let things fall apart in a downward spiral.


3How Frequent Are Wellness Visits?

Typically, we recommend wellness visits for chiropractic and physical therapy based on individual needs. The best time to get an adjustment is when you feel good! That way, we are keeping your body aligned before all of the forces of life (like stress) start pulling it back out of alignment.

The majority of our patients come in for wellness adjustments every 2-4 weeks. Wellness adjustments are easy, affordable, fast and keep you feeling your absolute best!

Dr Jen will always give you the option of wellness care after your pain is gone but she highly suggests keeping your spine moving free with wellness care.


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